(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. preparation; proviso, condition; (pl.) stores, supplies.
Supplying with goods
1. provision, purveyance, replenishment, reinforcement; subsidy, grant; stock, store; means; equipment, furnishings, accoutrements, appurtenances, outfit, apparatus, gear, trappings; rig, tackle; matériel (see arms); grist [to the mill], food, feed, fare, victuals, eatables, viands, nourishment, nutrition, provender.
2. preparation, planning, arrangement, precaution, provident care.
3. provider, caterer, purveyor, supplier, commissary, commissariat, quartermaster, feeder, batman, victualer, grocer, merchant, steward, manciple, purser, innkeeper, restaurateur, sutler; breadwinner.
1. provide, furnish, afford, supply, equip, fit out or up, gear, accouter; serve; arm; provision, victual, provender, cater, purvey, forage, feed, recruit, find; stock, lay in, come up with; make good, replenish, fill (up); outsource.
2. make provision for, take measures for, prepare or plan for; store, have in store, have in reserve; keep [handy or at hand]; have to fall back on, save for a rainy day.
3. provide for, make or earn a living, support, board; make one's way, make ends meet; manage. Slang, heel.
Adjectives — provided, prepared; well-stocked, -equipped, etc. Slang, well-heeled.
Phrases — take the goods the gods provide.
Antonyms, see waste, refusal.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Arrangement]
Syn. preparation, outline, procurement; see plan 2 .
2. [Supplies; usually plural ]
Syn. stock, store, emergency; see equipment , reserve 1 .
3. [A proviso]
Syn. stipulation, prerequisite, terms; see requirement 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. supply furnishing, accoutrement, outfitting, providing, giving, stock, stores, food.
2. preparation prearrange-ment, readiness, forearming.
3. proviso clause, stipulation, specification, term, requirement, restriction, obligation, *fine print.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun 1. A plan made in preparation for an undertaking. Often used in plural: arrangement (often used in plural), preparation (often used in plural). See PLANNED. 2. Something fit to be eaten. Used in plural: aliment, bread, comestible, diet, edible, esculent, fare, food, foodstuff, meat, nourishment, nurture, nutriment, nutrition, pabulum, pap, provender, sustenance, victual. Slang: chow, eats, grub. See INGESTION. 3. A restricting or modifying element: condition, proviso, qualification, reservation, specification, stipulation, term (often used in plural). Informal: string (often used in plural). See LIMITED.

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